Hate her or love her, it's Megan Thee Stallion's year.

Fresh off the dizzying success of her single "WAP" with Cardi B, the Houston rapper kept the momentum going with the appropriately named follow up "Don't Stop" featuring Young Thug.

Megan's always been a woman of the people, whether it's blessing a fan with a twerk after security tried to grab him off stage or paying for a fan's funeral. The rapper announced a partnership with Amazon Music today to award two scholarships worth $10,000 each to women of color "that are pursuing an associates, bachelors, or post-graduate degree in any field of study."

"Women remain underrepresented and undervalued in society and female students of color are at a larger disadvantage when it comes to access to financial resources," a statement announcing the scholarship read. "As a Health Care Administration major studying at Texas Southern University herself, Megan is incredibly passionate about the transformative power of education and remains a strong advocate for women pursuing a college degree."

Thee Stallion is partnering with Rap Rotation, which is Amazon Music's global hip hop brand, to award the scholarships.

Fans can apply for the scholarship here but as of press time, the website seems to have crashed due to the sheer volume of traffic.