It's been a busy month for Megan Thee Stallion and Jeezy, both of whom came through and delivered new albums in Good News and The Recession 2 respectively. And while Jeezy's role in the latest -- and notably record-breaking -- Verzuz battle certainly shifted the spotlight upon him, it would be impossible to deny the sheer momentum that Thee Stallion has been experiencing throughout November. Championed by critics and the industry alike, the Houston rapper seems poised to be the game's next superstar, one TikTok-friendly anthem at a time.

Megan Thee Stallion Jeezy

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As of today, HipHopNMore has tallied up the first-week sales projections for Megan's proper debut Good News, which went on to score quite a haul -- though falling short of the number one spot, a position occupied by the gargantuan presence of K-Pop titan BTS and their new album Be (which moved 256k units). On Megan's end, she managed to pull in 92k, with 10k of which coming from traditional sales. This latest release doubles the first-week sales of her previous project Suga, which moved 41k units when it dropped in March.

On Jeezy's end, the Snowman ultimately turned in a solid effort in his own right, though it's clear that the fans tuning into Verzuz had little interest in supporting one of the battle's key contributors. All in all, Jeezy's latest album brought in 25k in sales, with 3k of which coming by way of physical copies. As such, Jeezy found himself falling below the top 10, instead holding down the 17th spot; an admittedly curious turn of events, seeing how many people were quick to show support in the heat of the battle, only to have such loyalty cool off in the morning after. 

Either way, it's another strong week for hip-hop in general, though K-Pop should never be taken lightly in a commercial setting. How do you think Megan and Jeezy fared these past seven days?


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