A record-breaking lottery jackpot is up for grabs this evening as the MegaMillions jackpot is sitting at $1.6 billion after no winning ticket was claimed this past Friday. The amount is America's largest jackpot amount in history, so if you're feeling lucky and want to join in on a part of history cop yourself a ticket. 

The last biggest jackpot was Powerball's $1.586 billion that three winners shared in January 2016. The last time MegaMillions had a winner was back on July 24th and 25 drawings have been held since still without a winner. Chances of winning a MegaMillions are one in over 302 million, but it's been done before so don't cross it off your list yet. 

“The time between the day you win the lottery and the day you claim is your last period of normalcy," Jason Kurland, a partner at Rivkin Radler, a law firm in Uniondale, New York told CNBCdetailing more tips for any possible winner: “Obviously it may be impossible to keep this from immediate family, but news like this travels quickly. Try to keep the circle of people who know as small as possible.”