Update - Meek Speaks:

It's like Meek Mill said. There are wins, and there are losses. Often times, the end up balancing each other out. That was indeed the case for Meek, who took a potential major loss last night, after being arrested for popping wheelies in front of police. Apparently, Meek was out riding his dirt bike, "in and out of traffic and popping wheelies in the street," all for the benefit of an Instagram live audience. 

The real life Fast & The Furious role playing proved to be too much for the public, and Meek was taken into custody under charges of reckless endangerment. The initial statement from NYPD verified that Meek was, of last night, "removed to Central Booking, and [will] be going to court now." Overall, things were looking sort of grim for Meek, who was all but poised for a major legal L.

It would appear that Meek dodged a bullet. TMZ reports that the Philadelphia rapper has been cleared of the reckless endangerment felony charge, and will most likely avoid having to do any jail time. Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina claimed that the case was ridiculous from the jump, as Meek was allegedly popping wheelies in front of police, who didn't end up doing anything to prevent Meek from channeling his inner Trinity in Matrix Reloaded. As for why the prosecutors dropped the charge in the first place, their motivation is as of yet unclear.

That's not to say that Meek is in the clear. He is still facing a misdemeanor charge, but still. The dropping of the felony charge can be seen as a major win, even if the loss was directly brought upon by his own doing. In other Meek news, his album Wins And Losses can be streamed right here, and the rapper has been most recently seen on A$AP Ferg's track "Trap And A Dream."