Meek Mill's recent incarceration has been viewed by many in the hip-hop community as an utter farce, yet it has served to raise attention to the inconsistencies of the criminal justice system. Four years for a probation violation is undeniably harsh, and Meek's legal team have been moving nonstop to secure the rapper an early release. And while Meek has been holding it down like a trooper, the fact that he was previously placed in solitary confinement due to his celebrity status proves how messed up this whole situation is. It's made even stranger once you factor in the seeming personal feud between Meek and his judge, Genece Brinkley, which has already been reported on at great length.


Now, a new development has emerged, courtesy of TMZ. Apparently, Meek's legal team previously appealed to the higher court in an effort to get Meek released from prison, which ultimately didn't go over well. However, the higher courts also took issue with Judge Brinkley, telling her to deliver a verdict on Meek's bail hearing "without further delay." Meek's representative Jordian Siev issued a statement to TMZ, which you can read below:

 "We're pleased that the Superior Court took immediate action to direct the Court of Common Pleas to decide on the application for bail without further delay. We remain hopeful that Mr. Williams will be promptly released on bail."

What does this mean for Meek? In theory, it should mean he'll be having a bail hearing sooner than later, which would bode well for the Wins And Losses rapper. Unfortunately, Meek's attempts to get a different judge failed, so his fate will once again be in the hands of Genece Brinkley. Stay tuned for more on Meek's legal saga as it develops.