Back in February, Meek Mill was sentenced to serve 3-months on house arrest after violating his parole last year. That sentence would start on March 1 and was supposed to end yesterday (June 1), but unfortunately for the MMG rapper that wouldn't be the case. According to TMZ, Meek was ordered at least 8 more days on house arrest on Wednesday to complete the right kind of community service because he volunteered at places that were not approved by the judge.

A source tells TMZ that Meek spent time visiting schools, helping out with Flint's water crisis, and delivering motivational speeches, but was actually sentenced to put in 90 days of work with the homeless, Habitat for Humanity, or senior citizens & veterans. Meek’s camp say the specifics of his volunteer works were never detailed, but reports state that it was clearly in the documents.

Meek did put time in at a homeless shelter, but not enough to meet judge’s orders. The Philly D.A.'s office says it will reevaluate once his volunteer work is fully completed. We’ll continue to keep you updated until then.