Meek Mill may be riding the high of a post-Championships wave, but a single heinous act can be a powerful detriment, even for those in the midst of a winning streak. Unfortunately for Meek, a closed-minded bigot decided to spread his idiocy like a plague, taking to the streets at night with a single purpose: fuelling a misguided and hateful racial divide. Video surveillance footage caught said bigot in action, as he spraypainted Meek Mill's grandmother's house with a racially charged message. 

Meek took to Twitter to air out the vandal. "A white man sprayed a racial remark on my Grandmom’s house last night in southphilly referencing white Privileged," writes Meek. "The crazy part is this was a all black neighborhood 20 years ago It was gentrified and now this! Just don’t let us catch you coward!"

Meek also shared the video footage, which can be seen below. From the given angle, it's difficult to make out what the man actually wrote, though it's clear that the message left Meek and his family incensed. We can only hope he doesn't let this one weigh heavy on his mind, even though such violations can have a lasting, lingering presence. Keep your head up Meek, and stay focused on the task at hand: collecting the wins.