Last week, Meek Mill caught a lenient deal in his reckless driving case after getting caught riding through the streets of New York City on his motorcycle, popping wheelies and earning a reckless endangerment charge. According to reports, the charge could be completely dropped if he remains arrest-free for six months.

Now, either he’s having a hot streak in court or his lawyers are just that good as he’s recently had another case dismissed. It was back in March that Meek Mill was charged with a misdemeanor assault after getting wrapped up in a physical altercation with a pair of airport employees requesting a photo at St. Louis International Airport. The two employees involved were also charged and allegedly lost their jobs because of the incident.

In lieu of an actual arrest, Meek was summoned to appear in court and, at the time, the altercation posed a threat to his probation following a weapons and drug conviction. According to one of the employees, he was acting in self-defense at the time of the brawl.

“I was like ‘What’s up, Meek? Can I get a pic?’” he explained about first meeting the Philly-bred rapper. “He was like ‘nah,’…and I was just like ‘how y’all do us like this and we the fans, and y’all don’t show us love? You too good to speak?

According to the employee, the comment didn’t sit well with Meek’s crew as members of his camp returned to deal with his comments. “Two dudes walked up on me and was like ‘you still trying to fight?’ I’m at work I’m just defending myself. …They threw the first punch then after that, it was self-defense.”

Now, it seems that all is well on Meek's end as TMZ reports that Meek’s legal team, headed by attorney Joe Tacopina, a cutthroat defense lawyer once described as the "most hated lawyer in New York," struck a deal with prosecutors to have the case dismissed if Meek Mill complete community service, and after serving his hours at Philadelphia’s Veterans Association, the case has been dropped.