"Me and Nicki watchin' the Sixers, I'm closin' more deals," raps Meek Mill on "War Pain," the new Drake diss track he dropped tonight as part of his new EP, 4/4 Part 2. As luck would have it, Nicki and Meek did attend the Sixers' game tonight, in which the home team lost by three points to the Golden State Warriors. 

Below is a clip of the Sixers announcer pointing out the presence of Meek and Nicki at tonight's game -- perhaps showing a bit more enthusiasm for Nicki than for Meek. You can also see photos of the couple sitting courtside in the above gallery. 

Not only did Meek rap about being at the Sixers' game on "War Pain," he also included a few lines that seemed to directly reference Drake's new single, "Summer Sixteen," which premiered tonight on OVO Sound Radio, minutes before Meek's 4/4 Part 2

Both songs mention an incident last summer -- around the time of "Back to Back" -- when both Drake and Meek were staying at the same hotel in Toronto. On "War Pain," Meek calls out Drake for comparing himself to Jay Z (which he does on "Summer Sixteen"), and he also criticizes the OVO rapper for hating on Tory Lanez, at whom Drake may have fired a subliminal with a line about The New Toronto, the title of Lanez' recent mixtape. 

Considering the correlation between the two songs, it was initially thought that Meek may have added some last-minute bars to "War Pain" before dropping his EP. As he's now been pictured at the Sixers' game, though, said scenario is impossible. 

Meek just went on Instagram to post a picture of himself laughing heartily, which he captioned by writing, "The ghost writer told me!" Did Quentin Miller send Meek the lyrics of "Summer Sixteen"? Or, if Miller is no longer in cahoots with the OVO camp, did another ghostwriter give Meek a tip about Drake's new record? 

Did Meek hire an expert team of hackers? Lord knows, but his presence at the game tonight suggests that he definitely had some knowledge of "Summer Sixteen" before recording "War Pain." Strange indeed...