Meek Mill can't even go to a basketball game without being reminded of his beef with Drake. Meek was in attendance at last night's Sixers face-off with the Cavs, and naturally, an NBC reporter found him in the crowd to get a couple comments about the team -- though he probably wasn't expecting to get into the hard questions.

It's unclear if the reporter was well-aware of how uncomfortable bringing up Drake might make Meek -- perhaps she was just trying to ask a light-hearted question about a fellow rapper unbeknownst to the drama that went down a few months back.

After a few light questions, Meek was hit with a curveball. "Drake’s a Toronto guy, what’s your message to him with your hometown Sixers here looking good against the Cavs?”

The MMG rapper decided to keep things friendly, swiftly avoiding any follow-up questions with a pretty general answer; "I'm riding with Philly, you know,” said Meek. “Philly riding with me, so I’m riding with the Sixers to the fullest … I’m rocking out to the end, no matter how the season goes".

Watch the awkward moment below.