This celebrity boxing trend is getting out of control. Just yesterday RiFF RaFF said he wanted to fight 50 Cent for $2 million. Now it appears that Meek Mill is the next celebrity to propose a boxing match for an insane amount money.

In a new video that surfaced on Instagram this afternoon, Meek appears to be in the gym training while also simultaneously declaring his interest in fighting Drake. DJ Akademiks posted the video and claims that it was originally streamed on Instagram live. While we have no idea when the video was recorded, you can clearly hear Meek proclaiming that he would fight Drake for $5 million as well as stating "We gone let Nicki be the ring girl."

Drake has seemingly been making attempts to squash the beef between himself and Meek Mill as he recently told fans he would never perform "Back To Back" again. But given the track record of beef between the two rappers, and now this video, it is not 100% out of the question that the fight could happen. 

Check out the videos below from DJ Akademiks and place your bets in the comments below.