Meek Mill isn't exactly starving out here. He's incredibly financially wealthy. So, when he asked Lil Baby to come through with some donation money, people were rightfully confused.

The Atlanta rapper announced yesterday that he would be donating the proceeds from his hit single "The Bigger Picture", which was just nominated for two GRAMMY Awards. He said that, instead of dumping all of the money into one organization, he would go a more unconventional route. Baby will be listening to people's pitches and donating where he sees fit. He clarified that he wants to pay for lawyers, bonds, and anywhere else it's needed.

Meek has been helping out his community for years, and even despite his recent woes in North Philadelphia, he wants to continue to do so. He asked Lil Baby for a favor-for-favor deal, requesting that the rapper put some of that donation money aside for a project in Philly on Twitter.

"Let me get a lil but for a rec center in my hood for WiFi and computers & I’ll swap a favor for your hood too," wrote Meek.

People in his replies are clowning him for asking for money but, for the most part, they're missing the point. Meek Mill can certainly afford to do all of this himself, he just wants to do some sort of donation exchange with Lil Baby, which is admirable.

Do you think Baby will/should accept? See some reactions below.