Meek Mill said in an interview with Warner Sound that he's battled over 1500 people in his life, and that he'd love to take on Murda Mook or Cassidy.

"I ain't scared to do it," he said. "I was the first to do two tours without really having an album out. The first to do three million downloads in an hour or two. The first to jump back in the ring to battle. One of the first to be rocking arenas when people in cities never even heard of me. Why not be the first to jump back in the ring and do my thing? It's what I love."

He also explained that even if he lost, his career wouldn't be damaged, and that he hasn't lost a battle since he was 13. He then added that jumping back into the game would be worth at least $100 00, saying, " We have a lane to take this to another level where a whole 'nother money circuit could open up... I can't do it for free. That ain't my lane... Win, lose or draw - just for even stepping on the court." 

More on Meek's Battle Rap ambitions below.