It appears as though Meek Mill has gained the support of just about everyone in the run-up to his current stalemate with the one Judge Brinkley. Even so, the Judge is maintaining her ground against the odds, so long as the fraught system reinforces her rigidity in character. The issue of their judicial impasse was then brought up in a docuseries co-produced by Roc Nation and Amazon Prime Video where they painted the rapper as a victim of the system, prompting Brinkley to sic her lawyer Charles Peruto on the offensive against the two conglomerates.

Peruto's case against Roc Nation and Amazon was built around the fact he and Brinkley object the use of a leaked audio tape in the Meek docuseries. The audio clipping ostensibly shows Brinkley speaking ill of Meek Mill outside of court. While that is undoubtedly a breach of conduct given the open nature of his fight for freedom. Several months later (yesterday), the lawsuit is back in focus, as Roc Nation and Amazon have now submitted crucial evidence backing their use of the tape. And to their credit, Peruto did sign a waiver confirming his participation in the 6-part series, so the details are fairly difficult to discern unless you have a law degree.