Aside from a light Quarantine Pack EP, Meek Mill has been relatively quiet since the well-received release of Championships in 2018. Since being released from jail, after a highly publicized case, Meek has opted to go the route of quality over quantity. After over 10 years in the game, it makes sense that Meek Mill has focused on new ventures and a bigger impact. Meek has spent most of his time over the last few years working on prison reform, alongside Jay-Z and Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin. In addition, Meek has been rumoured to have a book deal with Jay-Z's new publishing house, Roc Lit 101

Recently though, it seems like some of Philadelphia isn't here for what Meek is preaching. After hearing about the beef that has been taking over the streets of Philly, Meek offered to pay the city's rising stars to put the past behind them and focus on "getting the bag" - which didn't sit well with  Poundstar Pop and his team

Meek took to IG today to let fans know that he will finish shooting the rest of his music videos in his hometown of Philadelphia. It looks like Meek is ready to wrap up the album, and it only feels right that he does so by claiming his dominance of the city that raised him. 

We're not sure how all of this will play out, but we hope the city tries to be as civil as possible.