Moneybagg Yo's birthday celebration in Las Vegas was one to remember... for reasons good and bad. 

The rapper turned 29 this week, throwing a huge birthday bash with his friends in Sin City. They looked to be having an incredible time, with Bagg being more vocal than we've ever seen him. That could be because his girlfriend, Ari Fletcher, bought him a brand new Maybach, showing it off to him on social media.

The night ended abruptly as shots were fired in the vicinity but Moneybagg Yo asserts that he was not the target of the attack.

While the night was filled with ups and downs, Meek Mill is looking in from the outside through rose-colored lenses, wishing that he had a girl that generous.

In the past, Meek has dated Nicki Minaj, Milan Harris, and other women that aren't exactly doing badly for themselves. Still, he's using Bagg and Ari as an example for himself and his relationships moving forward. 

Taking to Instagram, the rapper said that you'll never catch him with a "brokie" in the future.

"Mind you ari just grab bags a Maybach... we not playing wit y'all lil brokies 2021," wrote Meek on a post about men who put their partners in better positions to thrive. "Get a rich gal lol."

But Meek, you've had a rich gal and that didn't exactly pan out too well. Still, he knows his value and worth and will not settle for anything that he doesn't feel he deserves.

What do you think of Ari's extravagant gift for Moneybagg Yo?