Since being released from prison, Meek Mill has spoken his truth about an array of pressing topics. He has been at the forefront of a push for prison reform, offering his input on what can be done to improve the flawed system. As he continues to battle legal issues in his career, Meek spoke about the Super Bowl and how he doesn't want to discuss anything surrounding the major event. He then followed up the tweet with a post that some would consider pretty "sus."

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

The context of the written message is unclear but Meek wanted to get something off his chest, tweeting to his millions of fans that "This D good as hell." He added a shrugging emoji for good measure. Was he hacked? Probably not because the tweet is still on his page. Was he referring to his own D? Possibly... Could he have been watching a Philadelphia 76ers game when he decided to comment on their defence? That's another possibility. Fans were quick to troll him over the post though, hitting the pause button on his behalf.

"Did 6ix9ine hack you," asked one fan while others opted to use Soulja Boy memes to voice their confusion. In the past, Meek has dated Nicki Minaj and other high-profile women. As you would expect, the tweet has earned the rapper tons of impressions, clocking nearly 6,000 replies at the time of publication.