All he wanted to do was air out his frustrations on social media, but those tweets have turned Meek Mill into a trending topic. This isn't the first nor will it be the last time that Meek is teased over his words and fans are making sure to include Jay-Z into the conversation. Earlier today, we reported on Meek tweeting that he has never received a check from a record label and suggested that he wanted a lawyer to pour over the finances to see if he is owed any money.

It is well known that Meek operates under the umbrellas of Maybach Music and Atlantic Records, but the rapper is also managed by Roc Nation.

Jay-Z, Meek Mill
Kevin Mazur / Contributor / Getty Images

The public couldn't help but bring up the viral question of "dinner with Jay-Z or $500K," and some taunted Meek because he has a personal relationship with Hov. Meek was questioned about why he didn't glean wisdom from Jay regarding contracts or finances, and once again, the public has rehashed the viral question as they debate if having a conversation with Hov is more valuable than half a million dollars.

Last month, Tidal told everyone to just take the $500K. We'll let you decide what option is best while you read through a few reactions below.