Meek Mill has been on the move of late, enjoying the success of what may very well turn out to be his magnum opus. After all, the people have spoken, boosting Meek Mill's Championships to the top of the charts; the project went on to move 226K units in its first week, a marked improvement over last year's Wins & Losses. Now, Meek has been enjoying a lengthy press run, and took a moment to chop it up with the Daily Show's Trevor Noah. 

Of course, Meek has become somewhat of an important figure in the quest for prison reform. Given the injustice surrounding his recent arrest, Meek has been using his platform to bring awareness to the plight of young black men, who find themselves trapped by a broken system. The Daily Show seems to be a great platform for Meek's cause, given Noah's outspoken political nature; it's an interesting conversation for those seeking cultural reflections beyond the recording studio.

Of course, Meek's music is discussed as well, though the main focus of the interview centers around his incarceration and ultimate message. It's enlightening stuff, and further proof that Meek Mill is continuing to evolve. Peep the clip below, and read our Championships review right here