Meek Mill has been busy recording material for the upcoming addition to his Dreamchasers mixtape series. While the MMG hitmaker continues to release impressive material at a high rate, he has not forgotten about his run-in with Philadelphia police last October.

Meek claims that he was arrested without cause or justification, after being pulled over in his Range Rover on October 31st 2012 (although it was first reported the incident occurred in New York, it appears otherwise). He plans to sue the City of Philadelphia and police Officers Andre Boyer and Michael Vargas in Federal Court for civil rights violations, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and civil conspiracy for which he seeks punitive damages.

Meek was cuffed and brought into custody, where he claims to have been held for a total of nine hours, only being released the morning of the following day. While being held, officers reportedly took photos of the rapper, some of which were uploaded to Instagram shortly after. Meek was released without being charged for any crime.

Meek reports that the lock up caused him to miss a private plane trip, for a promotional appearance he had scheduled in Atlanta, for which he was forced to pay a deposit toward. Meek argues that not making this appearance, on top of being held against his will caused "the loss of numerous sponsorships and endorsements; the loss of plaintiff's solitude, seclusion and privacy; the anxiety and embarrassment associated with plaintiff being placed in a false light; and the anxiety and embarrassment of being seized, detained, confined and imprisoned against plaintiff's will."

Meek seeks to be compensated monetarily for offenses including "civil rights violations, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and civil conspiracy."

An officer's photo of Meek in cuffs, as uploaded to Instagram is pictured below