Meek Mill knows there's a time to be serious, but his social media personality can occasionally resemble that of a comedian. Whether being hilariously thirsty or having a laugh at the state of the country, Meek's no stranger to firing off jokes. Today, he took to Instagram to drop a little self-deprecating humor, going behind-the-scenes as he tries out a brand new style. "Me tryna learn this autotune shit so I can be murking out on some of these young bulls," he jokes, though there's clearly some seriousness behind his words. "This light but ima master it 2020." 

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Though his tone might suggest it, it seems as if Meek isn't playing around after all. He's clearly looking to explore some new musical directions, and it's no surprise to see him looking toward some of the rising stars like YoungBoy and Polo G, who helped pioneer a new genre of autotune-laden street-rap. At times, he seems to be grasping onto some strong melodic ideas, his voice conveying a welcome sense of emotional vulnerability. 

While an older rapper's attempt to keep up with the youngblood might come off as a little "How do you do, fellow kids" esque, it doesn't appear to be the case in this instance. Are you looking forward to Meek Mill's journey to autotune mastery playing out? Sound off below.