As millions hoard toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other essential items during this coronavirus quarantine, Meek Mill has stepped forward to remind the public that not everyone has the same resources available. As the world locks down and mandates are set in place for everyone to stay home and reduce contact with others through social distancing, Meek Mill took to Twitter to pen a message about recognizing those who fall into a different tax bracket.

Meek Mill Coronavirus
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

"People where I’m from don’t have the money to run out and stock the fridge and stay in," the rapper tweeted. "When you from the #otherside you could literally watch the news and feel like they not even talking to you and your family so your mind frame will forever be with the streets!" Not everyone can afford to spend money on unnecessary items just because they're forced to stay home, so Meek believes politicians need to address how they plan to address the needs of that demographic.

Meanwhile, Meek's REFORM Alliance recently unveiled how they plan to assist inmates during this time of quarantine. The organization hopes to prevent the spread of coronavirus in prisons, especially because there are millions of men and women behind bars. REFORM Alliance's Chief Advocacy Officer Jessica Jackson told Complex, “People in prisons, jails, or under community supervision are more at risk of contracting and spreading the virus, given their age, underlying health conditions, and close contact to each other. Protecting these individuals from coronavirus is not just a moral obligation, but necessary to preserve the health and safety of our communities." Check out Meek Mill's tweet below.