Two of hip-hop's hardest working rappers in the game, Rick Ross and 50 Cent, have never had an amicable relationship. The like-minded business men have been beefing with each other for a long time now. Even though they have mutual friends, such as  MMG rapper Meek Mill, who would like to see the beef squashed, it seems as though we may never see the two join forces.

Although Meek may not be able to squash the beef completely (he says he would if he could), he can nonetheless make sure the two bosses don't get out of hand when they're in the same vicinity as each other. While talking to Sway In The Morning, Meek said that the two rappers won't be fighting when he's around.

"What they got going on, man, they grown men they got it going on for a long time, if I could I would. I knew 50 before I ever even got signed with Ross, so when I got signed with Ross I couldn't just act like I didn't like 50 at all, that'd be fake of me. So if I could I would, I don't like seeing nobody I know go through anything, 'cause I don't wanna be in the middle one day and you gotta choose sides," Meek said on the possibility of being a peacemaker between the two.

He added, "I had plans on doing that if I ever see them around each other where I'm at, if I'm around there ain't gunna be no fighting."

Check out the interview clip below.