Since his release from prison last year, Meek Mill appears to be incapable of faltering. His Championships album continues to earn praise from fans, many of whom dub it his finest work thus far. Yet music is not the extent of his talent; he also happens to be nice on the courts, even when the pressure's on.

Case in point, Meek recently highlighted an NBA All-Star Game adventure, in which he bet 4k on his aptitude for sinking threes. Unfortunately for those wagering against him, Meek has clearly been putting in work behind the scenes.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The rapper took to Instagram to share footage of the impressive shot, which he seemed to sink with little-to-no visible effort. Upon landing the basket, Meek cracks a smile, as if it's all in a day's work. Where do you rank Meek's ability as a rapper slash baller? While he wasn't on the court for the celebrity All-Star game, it wouldn't be surprising to see him handle some of the chosen attendees. Watch the shot below - you have to see it to believe it.