While "Barbie Dreams" continues to sink in, many have already cited the Meek Mill name-drop as one of the song's finer moments. Drawing from a tumultuous personal history, Nicki reflected on their intimate moments, while essentially teasing the Wins & Losses rapper for a few misguided DM slides. Though some might shake their heads at Meek's efforts, others are quick to champion the simple truth; of all the name-dropped, Meek lived the life many have no doubt sought. Still, there was doubtless a few tense hours during which each summoned party logged online only to find a heap of unread notifications, no doubt signalling flags of the red variety.

Though 50 Cent has already replied with a declaration of respect, and DJ Khaled took the high road by congratulating Nicki on her album, Meek Mill offered a different take altogether. Seemingly in tune with "meme" culture, Meek uploaded a comical picture of himself, seemingly befuddled by the nature of Nicki's bars. Eyes wide, sweat all but shining in the fluorescent lights, Meek's expression at once says it all and leaves room for interpretation. 

The caption enhances the narrative with two well placed emojis: Man on computer. Man exasperated. Fin.