Meek Mill's political awakening has been well documented since his release. Meek Mill might be indebted to the people who campaigned for his release while he was imprisoned, but let's not forget, Meek Mill has been "subjugated" by probationary measures since he was 19-years old.

His latest TV spot sat him down with CNN's Michael Smerconish, during which time he was given the opportunity to reach a predominantly White American television audience, the intended demographic for his "prison reform" message. Also on the docket, the timely Championships release - Meek touching on the hot-button issue of Jay-Z stern agenda on "What's Free." To that point, Meek doesn't think the song was intended as a diss per se, but he does take issue with Kanye West "cutting against the grain."

"Kanye came out of nowhere and just went red hat, and that was kind of against everything we represent," he said. "We came up fighting, and fighting for our rights for a long time, and what that red hat represents don't really represent what we've been fighting for our whole lives."

Afterward, Meek Mill took a surprising turn in praising Donald Trump for his "prison reform" initiative. "I'm not a politician, but I feel like anything that a president does to fix laws and statues that don't make any sense and are unfair to American people is the right thing to do," he said. Check out the full interview below.