Violence and street life has traditionally been glamorized in hip hop, which has caused many detractors to speak up.   After Rick Ross was the victim of a drive by shooting, which fortunately left him unharmed, many people have been speaking up on The Bawse’s lifestyle and purported thug life.   Meek Mill recently weighed in on the shooting and said it was not a surprise when he found out the news because where he grew up it is commonplace for friends to be shot at.  The Philly product also talked about MMG members beefing up their security. 

Asked how he reacted when he learned of Rozay’s near death experience, the Dreamchaser rapper was fairly non-chalant, telling MTV, “I'm from the 'hood, I'm from Philadelphia, where people get killed every day so this ain't nothing new to me.  Meek went onto add, “Seeing one of your close friends in a position like that, it happens every day."

After the shooting it was reported that Ross would increase his security.  Talking about having more protection, Meek Mill said that it’s no change for him, and because of his expensive taste he always has security, “I move like that anyway. My jewelry real...You gotta move like you're going to war already, even though you're not."