Last night, things officially hit the fan with Meek Mill and Cassidy. Meek decided that he would finally respond to his newest rival Cassidy after releasing a five-minute diss track against the rapper titled "Repo." The diss track definitely raised the stake, but in a recent twitter rant Meek says that he's done throwing darts at his fellow Philadelphia emcee.

Meek could be found on twitter last night celebrating his diss record towards Cassidy, while saying that he put Cass to "pacquiao sleep." All in all, while glorifying the diss he also stated "Repo"would be his final diss towards Cassidy. Also adding that he would be giving "no more attention [to] broke nigga shit."

Meek's diss came about in response to Cassidy's earlier diss "Me, Myself and iPhone," which dropped last week. At the moment there is no word on whether Cassidy will be responding to this new diss.