Although Eminem dropped a new record moments ago, the focus hasn't completely shifted off Kendrick Lamar just yet. Meek Mill, who also dropped a new record dedicated to Lil Snupe yesterday, spoke in a radio interview with Power 99 about the K. Dot verse on "Control (HOF)."

"He's not comin' at him in a disrespectful way, he's comin' at him in a competitive way," said Meek of Kendrick calling out certain rappers on "Control." He went on to draw a sports comparison, "It's like if me and my homie playin' basketball—I'ma tell you: I'ma dunk on you, I'ma spin off you, I'ma give you 30 points a night like Lebron [James]. I'm pretty sure [NBA players] hang around each other in the club and all that, but [still trash talk competitively]."

The MMG rapper went on to proclaim that he runs the streets, and Kendrick (and Black Hippy) can run the backpacks. "I'ma tell y'all: y'all what y'all run; I run the streets," the Philly native stated. "I'm in a lane by myself. I'm the only [one] that's lyrically spittin' some street music and gettin' money. Kendrick [Lamar and Black Hippy], I'ma tell 'em in a rap: y'all can run that backpack, I'ma run these streets."

"We gonna have fun with it; get money. Hip Hop needed that," he added.

Peep Meek's full conversation with MinaSayWhat below (via HHDX).