Joe Budden attempted to smooth over the comments he made about hip-hop's power couple Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, who are often seen cozied up together on social media. The rapper, who recently began hosting a podcast, said during one such podcast that he hated "everything about" the couple. Yesterday, as we reported, Budden clarified by saying his comments weren't meant to be taken seriously. No matter, it seems Meek has taken them seriously and decided to throw a few jabs Budden's way during his interview with The Breakfast Club this morning. On top of calling out Budden, either mistakenly or purposefully, Meek referred to Joe Budden as "Joe Buddens" through out the interview.

"Joe Buddens is corny as shit, and always been corny as shit, and always commenting on shit and ain't never did shit," Meek Mill said off the bat when the topic of Slaughterhouse MC Joe Budden was broached.

"I dunno what's going on nowadays, we supposed to be gay cause you a street rapper?" He asked, referring to the fact that he often has the look of love when he's posing with Nicki.

He continued, "I make niggas wanna have girlfriends, you make niggas not wanna have girlfriends cause you did it wrong. You can't be on no..what it's called he on?...Yeah podcast...we don't even know what a podcast is." 

"I don't even know Joe Buddens," Meek said, not stopping yet, "Hold up, who the fuck is you talking to? You don't talk to me like that. When have you ever been cool? When? Dudes can't be coming at me like this. Like who are you to say this?"

Do you think we'll see a response from Joe Budden, or will it end here? Watch the full interview here.