Meek Mill has officially begun his prison stint, and with that unfortunate news comes the arrival of the inevitable mugshot. To nobody's surprise, the mugshot was procured by none other than TMZ, which was said to have been taken this morning. Apparently, Meek is still in the middle of being processedmm according to Pennsylvania's Department of Corrections. However, the name of Meek's prison has yet to be revealed for security purposes, and won't be released until Meek actually arrives to begin his time. It's still unclear as to how much time Meek is actually serving, but as it stands, the rapper is looking like he'll be kicking off his prison stint imminently.

Check out his mugshot below, which finds the Wins & Losses rocking a full on beard. It's unfortunate that the circumstances of Meek's legal troubles have actually come to this, especially since 2017 was looking like a win for the Philadelphia rapper. Still, he has the support of the hip-hop community behind him, and recently, TIP came through to offer him some advice: ""Use your time wisely man. Be productive, learn as much as you can, you know. Just strategize for the moment you get up out of there. Everyday you in there, utilize all those hours to strategize your comeback."

Meek's support extends beyond the hip-hop world, and a petition has been circulating in the hopes that Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf can step in to reevaluate Meek's sentence. The petition's ultimate hope is that Meek's sentence might be reevaluated, due to an excessively harsh verdict from a potentially biased judge. While it's unclear if the petition will have any ramifications on Meek's sentence, it has already amassed over 25,000 signatures. Clearly, people are backing Meek on this one, and we can only hope that the rapper can emerge from this feeling stronger than ever before.