When you’re making $59 million dollars year and becoming the highest paid comedian in the world, its easy to laugh off critics or anyone coming for you, and that’s exactly what Kevin Hart did yesterday. Fellow Philadelphia homie Meek Mill decided to have some fun at the expense of Kev’s image, and roast him for his latest IG pic.

Kev shared a photo yesterday of him boldly rocking his new Tommy John underwear line. Wearing nothing but his briefs, Meek decided to jump in the comments and roast Kev for his inability to fill it out.

“Ya body not ready for that yet” - Meek Mill told Hart, who then of course clapped back at Meek shortly later. “@meekmill You better shut you duffel bag built body ass up man” Kev jokingly responded with some laughing emojis. 

The two Philadelphia natives have had a close friendship that goes way back. Kev stood by Meek’ side during his imprisonment and was a vocal supporter through out it all. Meanwhile, Meek continues to ride for Kev, but not without some brotherly love every now and then.

Check out their funny exchange (below).