Twitter has proven time and time again to be the best platform for real-time reactions to the hottest topics in pop culture. In case you've missed it, Meek Mill has once against become the subject of intense scrutiny on the platform for a poorly executed lyric about Kobe Bryant in a leaked snippet of a collaboration with Lil Baby. "And if I ever lack I’m going out with my choppa it be another Kobe / Sh*t I can tell they ain't never know me," rapped Meek on the track, which earned him major backlash for its insensitivity. 

Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company

The backlash heightened when Kobe's widow Vanessa Bryant checked the Philadelphia rapper yesterday (February 22) in an Instagram story post where she referred to the lyric as "disrespectful." Social media users chimed in once again, with many pointing out that he may have gone too far this time.

One user penned, "Vanessa Bryant told Meek "I'm not familiar with any of your music" This a terrible two weeks for Meek." Earlier in the month, Meek Mill and 6ix9ine almost got into a scuffle outside of a club that both parties recorded. Another user joked, "Ion think Meek will ever recover from that Kobe reference lmao he was already on thin ice from the fries on his lap in a pool." 

Some expressed disbelief that Vanessa added she didn't know a single song by Meek in her call-out post. In response to this, one user noted that, "Girl they’re insane and especially given her age. Meek don’t music for her. Sh*t that n*gga don’t make music for my damn self."

As many Twitter users pointed out, Meek is going to have to do some major damage control if he hopes to ever fully recover from this controversy. Check out some more reactions to Vanessa's call-out post below.