Meek Mill's 5 month jail sentence had quite an impact on him, to the point that he came out of the pen rejuvenated and ready to record a whole new LP. Dreams Worth More Than Money is said to have been complete before Meek went away, but he scrapped the original records for w hole new batch upon release.

As satisfied as fans are with the LP, there has been some demand to hear the unreleased songs, namely, a track called "Scarface" rumored to feature both Jay Z and Nas.

"As soon as I came home from jail-- album right here, done. Right back in the streets," said Meek, suggesting that his being behind bars helped him focus on his career.

"I had a different album before I went to jail," he confirmed. "I always see people on Instagram like 'where them other songs at?'. We still gon' use 'em. They're coming soon."

Whether or not that will include the Hov and Esco record is still unclear, as well as how they'll be released. Dreamchasers 4 perhaps?

Watch the interview below.