You're not really back until you make an extravagant purchase, which is exactly how Meek Mill celebrated his freedom today. While he stated that he did not yet feel free following his release from prison, Meek is grateful for every day that he does not spend behind bars. With his travel restrictions lifted for work purposes, the rapper will likely be performing around the country as he gets comfortable in his daily life. Making sure to keep cool wherever he travels, Meek showed off a brand new chain earlier on his Instagram story, in tribute to his Dreamchasers series.

From the first installment to DC4, Meek's Dreamchasers tapes and albums served as many people's introduction to the rapper, showing off his skills and spitting arguably his best bars throughout. As he always does, he is celebrating his acclaimed projects by way of his brand new chain, showing off the ice on Instagram. Meek wrote, "Thorns on me since they wanna crucify me," referring to the spikes on the rose gold neckpiece. Trying the necklace on for size, the "Litty" rapper simply wrote, "I'm back." As the camera moves around, it's fairly clear that the piece must have cost a pretty penny as it sparkles with every camera movement.

While his legal fees must be costing him a fortune, there is no doubt that Meek has some money left aside to play around. What do you think of his new chain?