Maybe Meek Mill should stay off Clubhouse. The Philly rapper continues to run into drama on the app, with the latest bit of excitement coming from his reaction to the infamous $20 water bottle incident. For those who missed it, Meek pulled up on a few kids in Atlanta selling water and gave them all $20 to split, then posted the interaction on social media. Seeing as how Meek was in an expensive ride rocking luxurious jewelry, people took offense to his tiny donation. 

Meek has given back to his community in BIG ways, especially over the holiday season. However, it's always the one thing you do wrong that overshadows the multiple things you do right. During a recent appearance on Clubhouse, Meek defended himself with the argument that he believed the kids were gonna buy weed with the money. "I know what's going on," Meek said at roughly the 8:45 minute mark. "I ain't giving no young bouls no money to buy no weed." Of course, his comments didn't go over well online.

"We came up pumping gas at the gas station, carrying old ladies' bags, shoveling snow," Meek continued. "I pulled up on them young bouls to give them game. I ain't worried about no fucking money.... People don't have the common sense to say, 'Damn, he did stop and pull up. They wasn't even mad when we gave them the $20. The internet made them mad. If you look at the video, young boul said 'Thanks. I fuck with you.' The internet made them mad."