During a podcast appearance with Gillie Da Kid, former NFL player Tony "The Closer" Robinson made a shocking revelation about Meek Mill.

According to him, he noticed his girlfriend was sending nudes to a rapper with a Philadelphia number and, upon further inspection, he realized that she was messing around with the hottest force in the city. He's not even ashamed though.

"I'm looking at my shorty posting and sending nudes and all of that. Then I see something that really threw me off, it was like a Philly number," Robinson said before suggesting that she was texting a rapper. "The n***a's shit hot, his shit blazing. You can do some deductive reasoning and figure it out, hottest n***a in Philly."


After Gillie Da Kid was awestruck at the revelation, he guessed the correct name before Robinson confirmed.

"Meek [Mill] fucked my bitch," he said, defeated.

The rapper caught wind of the comments before racking his brain to try and figure out who Robinson's girl is, failing to remember her.

"Who is bull girl?" asked Meek on Twitter. The comments are filled with reaction clips from the podcast.


It looks like Meek Mill has definitely been around the block. If he seriously doesn't remember hooking up with an NFL player's girlfriend, he's more ruthless than we all imagined.