Yesterday, an interview with Quentin Miller got quite a bit of attention when the rapper and Drake collaborator claimed that he was approached by Meek Mill and his crew, before being sucker-punched by one member of the group after he refused to publicly apologize to Meek. The confrontation was said to be over the letter Miller wrote in response to Meek's attempt to out him as a ghostwriter.

Meek Mill, who is currently under house arrest for an unrelated probation violation, seemed to voice his disagreement with the story via an Instagram post, but now TMZ has reported that the rapper has further thoughts on the alleged incident.

A source told the gossip site that Meek has questioned the fact that no video evidence of the altercation has surfaced, despite it all happening in a busy public location. The source also suggested that Miller might simply be the messenger in this scenario; "Meek thinks Drake masterminded Miller's story ... just to take a shot while he's on house arrest."

For the time being, the most reliable source is that Instagram post, which at least confirms that Meek is not on board with Quentin's recollection of the events. View it here.