Thanksgiving is a conflicting holiday, much like Colombus Day. While families of all backgrounds gather around the table to enjoy a massive feast, it's a national day of mourning for Indigenous communities. The history of the holiday has constantly been told as a day where the Pilgrims and Natives put their differences aside to eat together. Despite the dark history of the holiday, friends and family gather together for the holiday every year. There are parades, turkey and TV specials for the whole family to enjoy.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

It appears as though Meek Mill will be celebrating Thanksgiving but he's renamed the holiday to accurately reflect the holiday. Meek declared that he will now be referring to Thanksgiving as Feast Of The Family day because his friends said so. "Happy “feast of the family” day ...gang and dem renamed it so that’s what we rocking wit," he wrote on Twitter. 

Although the rapper isn't calling it Thanksgiving, he has a lot to be thankful for this year. The rapper announced that he's now the new co-owner of Lids and recently dropped a Dreamchasers hat that will benefit the REFORM Alliance. Along with that, the rapper also received a Grammy nomination for Championship. The rapper was nominated for Best Rap Album where he'll be competing against 21 Savage, Dreamville, YBN Cordae, and Tyler, The Creator