Meek Mill's Championships has been out for a minute, and many have been quick to call it the rapper's strongest album to date. Though it remains early for such conclusions, it's clear that Meek's status as the People's Champ has never been stronger. As such, the rapper has linked up with Spotify to bring forth a new documentary, in which the rapper reflects on his long and arduous journey to the top.

"I'm from Philadelphia, that's how we came up making music," says Meek. "We rapped about our environment, the things we been through, the things we feel in our heart. It's really like a therapy for me, when I make my music. It's like me expressing myself to the world." As the clip unfolds, Meek explains that Championships actually holds a deeper meaning than the victorious title may suggest. Citing a Champion's desire to achieve victory no matter the cost, Meek draws a powerful parallel through his own upbringing.

"The streets of Philadelphia was the wild wild west," says Meek. "Philly taught me how to be a man." It doesn't take long for Meek to blow the dust off his old ATVs, as the crew proceeds to pop wheelies down the streets, as if daring authorities to try again. As the documentary progresses, the cinematic visuals capture a variety of different settings, juxtaposing the bleak and barren hood with the lavish process of crafting diamond-encrusted jewelry. Eventually, Meek reflects on his position in the game, reflecting on time spent in the "belly of the beast." Curiously, whether he's talking about the streets or the cell is open to interpretation; perhaps it's both.

Be sure to check out Meek Mill's Championships documentary, exclusively on Spotify, below.