The legal system is constantly on Meek Mill's mind for obvious reasons. After serving time following the violating his probation, the rapper has been on a prison reform mission, often appearing in the media as a proponent of systemic change. Today, he aired out some of his grievances with a personal touch. He tweeted a video that could exemplify police officers using excessive use of force on a civilian, a situation he deems to be unfortunately common. The clip, which Meek reposted from Ice Billion Berg's Instagram is available after the jump.

Meek attached an old picture of himself to the tweet. It showed the injuries he sustained from an altercation with police. He drove his point by writing, "getting beat up by the cops like this was normal where I come from .... a cop beat me worse than this and I got charged for hurting his hand ... I guess I hit his hand wit my face too hard and that was assault 🤷🏾‍♂️."

Ice Billion Berg had commented on the issue in the caption attached to the original post. "'Imma hit u in yo f*ckin mouth' is what the cop said running towards a suspect on the ground wit his hands up," he explained. "Police some b*tches."