"Dreams & Nightmares (Intro)" was a cultural reset. The opening track on Meek Mill's 2012 debut album set off a tidal wave that people are still riding to this very day. Rappers have since tried to replicate the brute force of that song on their own album intros, but their attempts have come up short. Even Meek has taken a stab at concocting another grandiose anthem like that one, but "Dreams & Nightmares (Intro)" makes you feel invincible in a way that not much else can. It explains the astounding capabilities displayed by two strippers performing to the song in a viral video. 

The clip is chaotic in the best way. Both women start off suspended on their respective poles, rapidly kicking their legs as Meek's ferocious rapping blares from the club's speakers. Once they slide down the pole and hit the stage, the stripper closest to the camera starts pumping her heels in the air. This might distract you from the fact that the other stripper SLIDES ACROSS THE STAGE ON HER HEAD. 

The Twitter user who sent this video into viral territory certainly didn't miss out on this impressive stunt. "I know she aint SLIDE across the stage like that," they wrote, adding a bunch of crying emojis to express sheer shock. Meek himself caught wind of the tweet and nonchalantly replied, "Intro vibesss." By now, he must be well aware of the superpowers that his song can bestow upon people.