Many were up in arms after a judge gave Lori Loughlin a two months sentence and would get to choose which prison she wanted to serve her time. At a time when racial inequity in the justice system is being highlighted more than its ever been, the light sentence was evidently a product of privilege. LeBron James immediately called out the preferential treatment on IG. "I'm laughing cause sometimes you have to just to stop from crying," he wrote. "We just want the same treatment if committed of the same crime that's all. Is that asking too much?"

Meek Mill, who has been at the forefront of prison reform since his release from prison in 2018, immediately chimed in. As someone who spent nearly the entirety of his adult life on probation, he called out the way Black Americans are treated in comparison to a White person like Lori Loughlin. "But had us 23/1 locked in a cell tryna turn us to terrorist! Y’all getting pretty bold with this shit! I’m going all the way about my freedom nowadays no cap," Meek commented.

However, he used the moment to shift the conversation toward Tanya McDowell, a mother who served a five-year sentence for charges connected to falsifying her address in order to change school districts.

"Now let’s get her out of jail and stop letting these “folks” step on us like animals," Meek continued in the following post. "Is she still in prison? #tanyamcdowell she got 12 years for trying to get her child better schooling!! NOW GO LOOK AT MY LAST POST!!! @reform let’s help her anyway we can!"

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