The past few days, DJ Akademiks has been increasingly hostile toward his many enemies in the music industry; though his vitriol has been aimed at Freddie Gibbs and the unlikely target Chrissy Teigen, Meek Mill has filled the void and stepped into the role of Ak's true nemesis. Taking proverbial shots at one another whenever possible, Ak and Meek appear ready and willing to continue trading barbs online, to the point where it's hard to foresee an end to this bitter feud.

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

Following the news that Akademiks had been banned from Twitch, a platform on which he built a strong portion of his following and audience, Meek Mill simply couldn't resist tossing a pinch of salt into his old buddy's wound. Sharing a Tweet that claimed Ak was banned from Twitch and suspended from Complex -- who has yet to confirm whether or not they actually suspended the Everyday Struggle host -- Meek added fuel to the fire. "And banned from the trenches," he added, to Ak's growing resume of punishment.

Seemingly undeterred, Akademiks came through with a rebuttal for the Championships rapper, responding that "U swear n***s tryna be in the trenches.. we online." It's a narrative that Akademiks has been sticking to for a minute now, and it's unlikely that he and Meek will ever see eye to eye on this -- or any issue for that matter. That's not to say that lessons haven't been learned, however -- as seen below, Akademiks actually apologized for his comments to Chrissy Teigen, addressing how he was "out of pocket" for going to such a dark place, especially given the current cultural climate.

Check out Meek and Ak's exchange, as well as the first part of his apology to Chrissy Teigen below.