Pitchfork's series "Over/Under" invites a variety of artists to rate a variety of things. In their latest episode, they invite Philadelphia's Meek Mill for a special episode where he opens up about what he thinks is overrated or underrated. 

While Meek Mill is never one to shy away from saying what he feels, in this episode he reveals his liking for "Frosé," lean popsicles,  Allen Iverson and more. It's a pretty surprising video in a lot of senses. Meek rates some things that you may not even think he would. The Over/Under series is the best time to find out what your favorite artist is into and Meek Mill is surprising with some of his responses while others were to be expected. 

We know that Meek is a fan of private flights so when they asked him about in-flight birthdays, he had a pretty interesting story about his 30th.

"Underrated if you on a jet," Meek said "We had a party on a jet in the air, took mad shots, just got distorted drunk and fucked up. Came out to a band playing Spanish music and danced all the way to the hotel."

Meek was also asked about Allen Iverson, which he said is a role model to him especially coming from Philadelphia. He said he's one of his biggest inspirations and is "top five, dead or alive."

The most surprising part of this whole episode of Over/Under was when he asked about hair metal. While Meek did say that he wasn't the most familiar, he did say he thought it was underrated due to his lack of knowledge of the genre.

"I don't know what the fuck that is. I'm all the way trapped out. I would say underrated because I don't know shit about it, really."

The funniest part of this is when Meek was asked to rated elderly drug dealers. From experience, Meek says that you're supposed to get that part earlier in your life later referring to Doris Payne being the oldest thief in the world. Meek says that being an elderly drug dealer is overrrated. 

Check out Meek Mill's latest episode of "Over/Under" below.