As Nicki Minaj's entire fanbase continues to try and end Meek Mill's career, the rapper is as unbothered as ever on social media. His latest #AskMeek session was an absolute mess with trolls coming through with questions related to the alleged domestic abuse that Minaj accused him of last week but the Philadelphia product refrained from letting that get to him. With a new episode of Queen Radio airing today, the Queens-based rapper had a lot to get off her chest. Speaking on her upcoming album and inviting guests onto the show, including 50 Cent, it's been another entertaining episode of the highly-celebrated Apple Music show. As Minaj gets dramatic on the air, Meek Mill activated his Twitter fingers to question his peers who have been spending oodles of money on girls and their homies instead of their families, posing a simple inquiry and awaiting an answer.

The motivational figure, who has been keeping his focus on levelling up his financial status this year, asked his unspecified peers why they've been dropping racks on the wrong people and flexing about it in their songs. "Spending millions on friends and girls .... I always wondered what do y’all do for your grand moms ... aunts ... brother, sister and dad.... the people who was there b4 the friends and women came," said Meek. He then offered his own expertise on the matter, suggesting that they spoil their families with even more dough. "It gotta be triple," he said.

Do you think Meek has a point? Are people directing their attention in the wrong areas when it comes to spending money?

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images