Meek Mill's been working hard ever since his release from prison last year. The rapper released his latest album Championships at the end of November after teasing it for months. He became the face of criminal justice reform for shedding light on the flaws in the system. He recently took a trip to Jamaica where he had a run-in with the police... for a photo.

Meek Mill thought he was about to get arrested but that wasn't the case. The rapper was on his vacation in Jamaican when he was pulled over by police who simply wanted to take a picture with the Philly rapper. 

"Y'all tryna take a picture of mine? I'm fucked up, y'all pulled us over and said y'all want a picture of mine?" He asked the officers. "Y'all scared us! We scared of the police! Y'all pull us over -- we thought we was gettin' locked up!"

After feeling the relief of knowing he won't be heading to jail abroad, he took the opportunity to see if he could exchange a photo for police escort out of Kingston. 

In other Meek-related news, the Philly rapper's advocacy for criminal justice reform led to a new bill being passed by the Pensylvania State. The bi-partisan bill now puts a cap to the length of probation to five years for felonies and three for misdemeanors.