Meek Mill's comeback is marked by his efforts to change particular judicial protocols. Since his release from prison, the rapper has been vocal about the unjust repercussions of the prison system especially in relation to probation. His advocacy has recently led to the Pennsylvania Senate's announcement of a bi-partisan bill that would cap the length of probation at five years for felonies and three for misdemeanors. It would also reduce the length in the advent of good behavior.

The Championships artist shared the win on Twitter. "This is great news! I’ve been on probation 11 years and sent to prison 3 times without committing crime," he wrote. "This will directly effect people growing up in bad environments going in and out of prison for minor mistakes "not crime.'"

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Up until now, those under probation in Pennsylvanian districts risked extended sentences for missteps including any contact with police or non-payment of fines, a factor of mass incarceration.

"The time he served because of technical violations greatly extended the amount of time he would have served," said state Sen. Sharif Street (D-District 3). "When we have high-profile cases that draw our attention to circumstances that should not apply to any Pennsylvanian, it's up to us to address those circumstances."

"While the criminal population is decreasing, the number of those on probation and parole is increasing as we speak," noted state Sen. Anthony Williams (D-District 8). "We no longer want to re-incarcerate someone through probation and parole."

"An individual who receives a traffic violation should not receive a prison sentence just because they are on parole," added state Sen. Camera Bartolotta, (R-District 46).