Last week, Meek Mill found himself getting arrested on petty charges of reckless endangerment that were later dropped. In a press conference following the charges being dropped, the Philadelphia MC told a media scrum that he's not a criminal and that he's a family man. While that is a fact, he took that statement a step further earlier on Instagram. While last night, he previewed some new music while he was in the studio. Today, he got right back in the booth except he brought his son with him.

In a short clip on Instagram that Meek posted, his son is seen dancing around the studio singing a hook to a track that's already recorded with his father acting as hypeman behind the camera. The caption on his post read "Papi laid this in 10 mins #NEWSINGLEALERT" followed by three laughing emojis. While it's not entirely certain whether this will actually end up anywhere, it's safe to say that his done definitely takes after his father. The clip showed Meek's son in a room covered with blue neon lights. He's seen dancing with the hook playing "What do I got? I got all this green money." Meek is heard in the background, giving his son the "aye" ad-lib after every line. Prior to posting it on his Instagram, he posted a few teasers on his story of his son actually recording. Seems like he's a natural. 

In all honesty, the clip of the song actually kind of goes hard. Meek Mill has definitely had a musical influence on his son. Clearly not just content wise but the flow as well. While there's a very good chance that this may not see the light of day, atleast by the laughing emoji's in his caption, it's definitely a sure sign that Meek Mill's kid has some talent, especially at a young age. 

With Meek Mill just dropping his album Wins & Losses just last month, it's great to see him heading back into the studio to record more music. Who knows what he's working on right now. Whether it's a mixtape or another album, it's definitely something to anticipate. 

Check the Instagram clip below: