Since his release from prison back in April, Meek Mill has been keeping himself busy. Both with his own fight for freedom from his overbearing parole sentence and his allegedly-corrupt judge Genece Brinkley, as well as his continued advocacy for criminal justice reform in order to help those who have less of a platform than he does.

What we haven't heard from Meek yet, however, is new music. Of course, there's no rush for him to put out a project right after his release from prison, and he obviously has a lot on his mind. However, a recent Instagram post from Meek has fans thinking that a new project might be on the way.

It all started yesterday, when Meek dropped a video that explained his own situation as a person who has lived under probation for years, as well as the skewed proportion of black people incarcerated in comparison to the overall population. He captioned this video with a simple "#staywoke," a popular catchphrase from the anti-racist and social justice movements.

A second post he made last night, much in the same style as the first, is tipping fans off. This post has the same #staywoke caption, but instead of statistics, it has audio of a conversation Meek is having with another man. Judging by the subject matter, the man speaking was in the same prison as Meek, as he thanks him for keeping his word. The audio is backed with a light piano track, and the whole vibe seems way too much like the opening of an album.

Perhaps the whole things is a reach, and Meek is only continuing to promote his advocacy. However, it seems there might be a chance that Meek's teasing something big.